Software Page

Over time I've written a bunch of different software programs. Most of them were written to solve something that was bothering me, or something to help make my life easier. Here are some of those programs that I've spent the time to document and figured someone else might find useful. They are listed in alphabetical order:

Footprints (no longer maintained)
A co-written HTTP log parser. This was started back before Analog was as useful as it is now. We needed something that would produce usage summarizes along with traces of how users went through our site. We also needed something that won't bail on invalid log lines. Footprints was the result. However, other tools (like Analog) now exist that I believe do a much better job and handle features we didn't have to worry about (virtual servers, referrers, user agents).
Pine Folder Information
I filter my eMail into multiple folders and sometimes I don't want to go through every one checking to see if I have new messages. This little utility will search Pine folders and let you know how many new messages and total messages are in each folder.
Yet Another REQ to RT Converter (YaR2R)
This is a program that I wrote in order to help with the migration of using REQ to using RT at our site. In order to keep all of the transaction information that was in our current REQ queue, we needed some way to import that into RT. Some programs existed to do this, but they didn't quite do it all or do it well. This program supplied the features we needed.