Yet Another REQ to RT Converter (YaR2R)

This is a program that I wrote in order to help with the migration of our REQ queue into the RT system. Being that REQ had some Y2K issues we decided to look at either fixing REQ or switching to a new system. Our final result was to make a switch. However, in order to keep all of the information that was in our current REQ queue we needed some way to import that into RT. Some programs existed to do this, but they didn't quite do it all or do it well. Below is some of the motivation for the project.

Current version: YaR2R 1.13 (Jan 11, 2000)

Handling of merged requests
Each request is created individually and then the RT merge action is used to combine them.

Date preservation
Each request is imported with it's original date and followup eMail dates are preserved. The action times are not preserved though.

User importing
As much as possible the user performing the action is transfered into RT. So, if someone owned a request under REQ, they would also own that request under RT. Requires making RT users.

Action importing
As much as possible the actions performed on a request are imported as individual transactions in RT. In some cases REQ let you do actions on a request that RT doesn't. The program tries to do the right thing and translate the REQ action into the equivalent set of RT actions.

Fixing buggy requests
Over time some requests in our REQ queue got munged in various ways. As part of importing the tool makes sure all requests are as clean as possible before importing them into RT.

However, in order to accomplish the above you have to make multiple passes over the REQ queue and do some work by hand. If like me you wanted to maintain the history of your REQ queue when you moved to RT, you might want to take a look at this tool. It isn't highly refined by any means, but I just finished using it to successfully import our REQ queue into RT.

Any feedback is welcome.

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