Nov 4, 1997

In the words of notdepits:
Ang   cl_yawspeed
1     20
45    900
90    1800
180   3600
270   5400
360   7200
fill these in for the command:
cl_yawspeed 3600; +right; wait; -right; cl_yawspeed 140
that command alone does a perfect 180.

- Prog

Sep 19, 1997

Here are yet again some Rocket Jumping aliases from Thomas Livic

If your screen breaks these up, they should really only be one line each.

- Prog

Aug 31, 1997

Got a few replies for Rocket Jumping aliases:
JakFrost writes

If your screen breaks these up, they should really only be one line each.

Ghostjammer[Ff] writes

If your screen breaks this up, it should really only be one line.


July 18, 1997

Someone recently sent along this modified version of a 180 degree turn. It's a bit more complicated but supposedly gives a more accurate turn:
> alias turn "host_framerate 0.03; wait; cl_yawspeed 8000; +left; wait; -left; cl_yawspeed 140; host_framerate 0"
> got out of the newsgroups long time ago.
> Matthias Buecher / Germany <>

- Prog

July 12, 1997

A lot of people have been asking about 180 quick turn hacks. This is one that people have had good success with:
>From "Trevor" <> :
> alias turn "cl_yawspeed 1000;+right;wait;wait;wait;-right;cl_yawspeed 180"
> As I said in an earlier posting, bind the above alias "turn" to a key
> and you will get a 180 degree turn, give or take a few degrees.

- Prog

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