Quake Console Command Pages

Quake v1.06

This list would not have been possible without help from: In most cases I have tried to connected related commands together with the "See also:" field. However, to keep the size down and also make that field as useful as possible, I didn't reference anything that was an action command. The description will let you know what action the command effects.

Last updated Sep. The most recent version of this document can always be found at: https://www.neophi.com/home/danielr/quake/console.html

If anything in this document is either incorrect, missing, or not explained well, please let me know so that I can correct it. Daniel Rinehart aka Prog.

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do not guarantee the validity of any of the information in it. I will
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Key for the list:
(A)=Action (C)=Command (P)=Protocol (T)=Toggle or flag (V)=Variable (X)=Other (?)=Unknown

+attack / -attack (A)
+back / -back (A)
+forward / -forward (A)
+jump / -jump (A)
+klook / -klook (A)
+left / -left (A)
+lookdown / -lookdown (A)
+lookup / -lookup (A)
+mlook / -mlook (A)
+movedown / - movedown (A)
+moveleft / -moveleft (A)
+moveright / -moveright (A)
+moveup / -moveup (A)
+right / -right (A)
+showscores / -showscores (A)
+speed / -speed (A)
+strafe / -strafe (A)
+use / -use (A)
_cl_color (V)
_cl_name (V)
_config_com_baud (V)
_config_com_irq (V)
_config_com_modem (T)
_config_com_port (V)
_config_modem_clear (V)
_config_modem_dialtype (V)
_config_modem_hangup (V)
_config_modem_init (V)
_vid_default_mode (V)
_vid_wait_override (T)
alias (C)
ambient_fade (V)
ambient_level (V)
auxlook (T)
ban (C)
begin (P)
bf (C)
bgmbuffer (V)
bgmvolume (V)
bind (C)
cd (C)
centerview (C)
changelevel (C)
cl_anglespeedkey (V)
cl_backspeed (V)
cl_bob (V)
cl_bobcycle (V)
cl_bobup (V)
cl_forwardspeed (V)
cl_movespeedkey (V)
cl_nolerp (T)
cl_pitchspeed (V)
cl_rollangle (V)
cl_rollspeed (V)
cl_shownet (T)
cl_sidespeed (V)
cl_upspeed (V)
cl_yawspeed (V)
clear (C)
cmd (C)
color (C)
com1 / com2 (C)
con_notifytime (V)
connect (C)
coop (T)
crosshair (T)
d_mipcap (V)
d_mipscale (V)
d_subdiv16 (T)
deathmatch (T)
demos (C)
developer (V)
disconnect (C)
echo (C)
edgefriction (V)
edict (C)
edictcount (C)
edicts (C)
entities (C)
exec (C)
flush (C)
fly (T)
force_centerview (C)
fov (V)
fraglimit (V)
gamma (V)
give (V)
god (T)
help (C)
host_framerate (V)
host_speeds (T)
hostname (V)
impulse (C)
joybuttons (V)
joystick (T)
kick (C)
kill (C)
listen (T)
load (C)
loadas8bit (T)
lookspring (T)
lookstrafe (T)
m_filter (T)
m_forward (V)
m_pitch (V)
m_side (V)
m_yaw (V)
map (C)
maxplayers (V)
menu_keys (C)
menu_load (C)
menu_main (C)
menu_multiplayer (C)
menu_options (C)
menu_quit (C)
menu_save (C)
menu_setup (C)
menu_singleplayer (C)
menu_video (C)
messagemode (C)
messagemode2 (C)
name (V)
net_messagetimeout (V)
net_stats (C)
noclip (T)
noexit (V)
noisetrack (C)
nosound (T)
notarget (T)
path (C)
pausable (T)
pause (C)
ping (C)
play (C)
playdemo (C)
playvol (C)
pointfile (C)
port (V)
precache (T)
prespawn (P)
profile (C)
quit (C)
r_aliastransadj (X)
r_aliastransbase (X)
r_ambient (V)
r_clearcolor (V)
r_drawentities (T)
r_drawflat (T)
r_draworder (T)
r_drawviewmodel (T)
r_dspeeds (T)
r_fullbright (T)
r_graphheight (V)
r_maxedges (V)
r_maxsurfs (V)
r_numedges (T)
r_numsurfs (T)
r_polymodelstats (T)
r_reportedgeout (T)
r_reportsurfout (T)
r_speeds (T)
r_timegraph (T)
r_waterwarp (T)
reconnect (C)
record (C)
registered (T)
restart (C)
samelevel (T)
save (C)
say (C)
say_team (C)
sbinfo (C)
scr_centertime (V)
scr_conspeed (V)
scr_ofsx (V)
scr_ofsy (V)
scr_ofsz (V)
scr_printspeed (V)
screenshot (V)
sensitivity (V)
serverprofile (T)
showpause (T)
showram (T)
showturtle (T)
sizedown (C)
sizeup (C)
skill (V)
slist (C)
snd_noextraupdate (T)
snd_show (T)
soundinfo (C)
soundlist (C)
spawn (P)
startdemos (C)
status (C)
stop (C)
stopdemo (C)
stopsound (C)
stuffcmds (C)
sv_accelerate (V)
sv_aim (V)
sv_friction (V)
sv_gravity (V)
sv_idealpitchscale (V)
sv_maxspeed (V)
sv_maxvelocity (V)
sv_nostep (T)
sv_stopspeed (V)
sys_ticrate (V)
teamplay (T)
tell (C)
test (C)
test2 (C)
timedemo (C)
timelimit (V)
timerefresh (C)
toggle_auxlook (T)
toggleconsole (C)
togglemenu (C)
unbind (C)
unbindall (C)
v_centermove (V)
v_centerspeed (V)
v_cshift (V)
v_idlescale (T)
v_ipitch_cycle (V)
v_ipitch_level (V)
v_iroll_cycle (V)
v_iroll_level (V)
v_iyaw_cycle (V)
v_iyaw_level (V)
v_kickpitch (V)
v_kickroll (V)
v_kicktime (V)
version (C)
vid_describecurrentmode (C)
vid_describemode (C)
vid_describemodes (C)
vid_mode (C)
vid_nopageflip (T)
vid_nummodes (C)
vid_testmode (C)
vid_wait (V)
viewframe (X)
viewmodel (X)
viewnext (X)
viewprev (X)
viewsize (V)
volume (V)
wait (C)