Personal Information

Since graduating this page has not been actively maintained. For what's currently going on I'd suggest vising my blog.

Just like those silly name tags "Hello My Name is Daniel Rinehart". If you are interested in seeing a picture of me, I suggest you take a look at my online photo album. I graduated Summa Cum Laude in June of 2000 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from The College of Computer Science which is part of Northeastern University located in the great city of Boston, Massachusetts. Boston is a big place compared to the little town of Caribou, Maine that I grew up in. Maybe that's one reason I've not found the right place to live in the Boston area yet.

Ever since my family got a Commodore VIC-20 many, many years ago, I've had a fascination with computers. Probably one of the reasons that I studied for a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. Working with computers has let me meet many interesting people and in general get a better appreciation for the technology and what it means to society. Sometimes it is frightening to consider how much computer technology has been integrated into our everyday lives.

Most people consider me to be fairly easy going. I think that comes from growing up in the much quieter and much less hectic northern Maine environment. If anything the one thing I miss most about living in the Boston area is the sense of calm that happens at night in the small city. That combined with the fact that I like time to escape and think about life and everything else makes the rarely sleeping atmosphere of Boston a little daunting from time to time.

While at NU I managed to get involved with a few different groups on campus. The ones that I thoroughly enjoyed were

  • Crew
  • Systems Group
  • UPE
  • University Court

As a result of being on Crew I've became highly attached to the Pit. Being the only computer lab in the college with a stereo system, I found working to the sounds of techno music a big bonus. Of course, having access to the Pit came with strings attached. The main goal of Crew is to help better the CCS environment in ways that the Systems Group might not. To strive to complete that ideal I became one of the CCS Web Administrators.

I did my first cooperative education with the Systems Group and managed to learn more than I though I would ever want to know about the college's computers. I did my second co-op with a web development firm called BiT Group, Inc. That was a great experience and let me work on many different cutting edge technologies. My final co-op was as a research assistant for the college of computer science, building a distributed computing research cluster. Putting together a system almost completely from scratch was very rewarding, but also helped me in the realization that I enjoyed programming more.

When I'm not tied up at work I can usually be found on a pair of inline skates. Ever since coming to college I have tried to have a pair of inline skates on as much as possible. Blades are the only way to get around Boston without owning a car or wanting to wait on the MBTA. Currently I'm running on a pair of Bravoblades from Rollerblade.

Quite often on the weekends I end up at a friends house playing games. Cribbage has become one of my favorite games, but personally I'll play just about anything. Lately I've gotten addicted to downhill skiing and have spent a few days up at Mt. Sunapee. For a long time we have also enjoyed going either Candlepin Bowling or more recently Duckpin Bowling and Tenpin Bowling.

After living in a small town for most of my life, getting to see movies on the actual opening night has become a real treat. Thankfully Boston has no shortage of movie theaters. The best part is I don't even have to look through the local paper to see what is playing. Of course seeing movies at the theaters costs too much money. One of the many reasons I also enjoy renting a good movie.

I also enjoy listening to many different kinds of music. At one point I put my music collection online, but like many other things in life, it just didn't seem like that great of an idea after I got it done. Instead let me just say Techno, Trance, Phish, and DMB top my list as current favorites.