This page includes applications created by or contributed to by Daniel Rinehart.

Templates for building complex Flex projects with Ant.
  • Ready made templates for application projects and library projects
  • Dependency checking on sources and libraries to avoid unneeded recompilation
  • Automated unit test integration with Flexunit

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I've contributed a series of recipies related to FlexUnit which are available on the Adobe Flex Cookbook.
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Example of using the Flex Charting package to visualize the statistics of the AASFSHNR Kiva Team that I contribute to.
Launch AASFSHNR Kiva Team Statistics (Flash Based)
Clone of Jelly no Puzzle.
Pixel Bender Kernels for image manipulation and general computational algorithms.
Easily find out what text a regular expression matches. Supports match as you type mode and testing replacement expressions.
Launch RegExp Tester (Flash Based)
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Utility designed to allow easy exploration of the various Flex Window and Native Window options available in AIR. Code generation for selected options is included.
Note version 1.0.3 introduced a new application identifier (one that adheres to the suggested naming convention). If you have a version of Window Explorer prior to 1.0.3 installed, you must uninstall it manually before attempting an upgrade.
Requires Flash 9.0.115 for browser based install.

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Download Window Explorer (.AIR File)
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Explore your sleep data exported from the myZeo site.
Launch Zeo Data Display (Flash Based)